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Hookah Rental with Cataleya Hookah

If you’re looking for a special something to liven up your party or an upcoming event…renting hookahs is the answer. We offer an all-inclusive rental service, providing all you need to enjoy a traditional Hookah for you and your guests. You will be provided with the Hookahs, flavored tobacco, mouthpieces, hoses, everything…..except the H2O. Click here for more details.



Let Cataleya Hookah Lounge cater your event and experience our World Famous Hookah service. Pick your flavors and leave the rest up to us! While you and your guests enjoy yourselves we will tent to the hookahs, keeping the Shisha fresh and coals burning. Click here to book your event today.



Looking for a place to host a private party? Look no further…We have it all, traditional Colombian cuisine, great music, handcrafted cocktails and more! Host your party at Cataleya Hookah Lounge and enjoy our World Famous Hookah! Click here and book your private party today.